Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Good Morning. :-)
I spent almost the whole day yesterday with one of my bestfriends, Ten. She and I have been friends for as long as I could remember. They say that you can tell if someone is your bestfriend if you can go to his/her house and just rummage through his/her closet without asking permission and not feel guilty about it... Haha... Me and Ten are just that. However, it's not only each other's closet that we raid but our personal lives as well.
Ten has a boyfriend of almost a year now and they're going strong in spite of all the ODDS. And when I wrote ODDS in all caps, I really MEANT it coz' they have faced and are still facing enormous and seemingly invincible odds that a couple in their 20's could bear. What those ODDS are... well, they're not really my business to divulge here you know so better check Ten's blog na lang which, I believe, she does not have. Hehe...
But don't worry coz I'm not totally bumming you, for since this is MY BLOG: I'm telling mine... :-)
Dominic and I met through Downelink. For those of you who do not have a clue, well it's FRIENDSTER for the gay community. We became friends there first. We exchanged private messages then followed the contact numbers and then the meet-up...
Dom is 24 and he lives nearby. He's about an inch (or what... I don't really know...) smaller than me (which is a TOTAL bummer but something I COULD deal with) and I would describe him as DEFINITELY GOODLOOKING AND ABSOLUTELY CUTE. He used to be in "That's Entertainment"... just so you know. He smokes BIG TIME but still owns one of the prettiest pair of lips I've ever seen. He's a LOUDMOUTH. He talks non-stop and ANG CATCH---- STRAIGHT SLANG ENGLISH itoh neng. You see, he spent almost all his life in the States particularly in New Jersey and also spent some time in Vancouver, Canada. He's here to fix some "legal matters" regarding his being an adopted child. This is not his first time here, though. He also studied here for a while nung high school sa Ateneo and that's also, I think, when "That's..." came in.
Last Saturday, we went on our first date which turned out to be a GROUP date. You see, an hour before me and Dom were about to meet up, one of my bestfriends Sam called me up and made yaya sa Malate for a gimik. He said his sister and another friend of ours were also going. I asked Dom if going with my friends would be okay with him. He said YES.
My friends loved him. He loved my friends as well. He thought they were "COOOOOOL" as he said it. But more importantly, he confessed that he liked me which I did back.
Sunday. We went to Church. It was actually only the SECOND time he's been to Church after he last went to one with his real mother THREE YEARS AGO in the States. I cried when he told me that last night coz I knew I did something special to this guy. He said his life had been so full of shit that he seemed to have lost faith in God already. I told him, in turn, that whenever things go "shitty"... he could always turn to HIM. Well, I guess my being a Catholic schoolboy pays off after all. Hehe...
The next time I saw Dom was just last night. We met up near the Church we went to last Sunday. He sat in a dark pavement beside the busy street where he then poured his heart out to me. His life is spinning out of control. How and why I choose not to tell in this pretty public space. Basta what matters here is... I was there last night holding his hands, rubbing his back and whispering to his ear: "I'm here". Just to lead you on a bit, the PROBLEM was mainly financial and it's bad- REALLY BAD. I'm trying my best to help him and I know I will for as long as he would need it. Why?
Here comes the big confession...
I think I am.
But I JUST THINK pa LANG... okay people? Hehe...
Coz you see, I normally wouldn't give a SHIT about stuff like these except if you're someone who's REAAAALLY special to me. I admit that I'm a bit selfish when it comes to these stuff. I mean I can listen to your problems for as long as you want and give the best advices that I could give but as much as possible, I still keep my distance from you in the sense that "If you're going down, there's NOOOO WAY in hell that I'm going down with you".
But with Dom, I'm ready to go as low as it would get. I'm willing to go down with him in this mess. Again, I normally wouldn't give a SHIT about these kinds of stuff but with him--- I SUDDENLY DO GIVE A SHIT. And that's what makes me say that this guy MATTERS to me in ways that only LOVE could explain...

5:35 AM

Monday, March 28, 2005

G' Mornin'.
It's the day after Easter. So what? Hehe... Just jokin'. :-)
I'm going to an audition later at 1pm. It's for this play entitled "Mactan 1521" by Dulaang Bedista, a group of San Beda graduates united by their love of theatre. I'm not a Bedan as you may know but I got referred anyway by a good friend who's good friends with those guys. Later I'm going with another good friend and we'll both try it out.
I hope I get in. We're gonna get paid for Christ's sake and I NEED MONEY!!!! Hehe... But more than that, I wanna get in because I JUST SIMPLY LOVE THEATRE and I know you guys know that. ;-)
Well, I hope there are cute guys there. (Gosh... sana naman meron noh?! They're almost all-boys for Christ's sake!) Pero not just cute guys, but NICE CUTE GUYS. Ayoko nung mga "FEELING", hehe... Wait lang, someone texted. Hold on...
Tang'na, from YM lang pala. Hehe... anyway, I'm back. (Hehe... parang nasa chatroom e noh?) :-D
Well, I don't think I should worry much kase sabe naman ng friend ko na nag-refer saken mababaet naman daw ung mga tao dun. So there... I believe her. Anyway if I do get in the play, it's what will probably keep me busy the whole summer. If not (which has like a 0.5% chance--- hehe! yabang e noh?!), well, as I always say: "Maganda pa rin ako and so life goes on..." Hehe... ;-D
Clearance Day sa USTE on Saturday. I'm all okay about all the subjects except for Stats. I'd either get an INC. or a 5 there. (Leche talaga yang Math... ;-<) It's this activity kase about graphs that our prof. made us do before classes wrapped up. I totally sucked at it. Only hope ko na lang ung mabanas sha sa sobrang panget ng gawa ko and so just let it go. Hehe... Di' ba that's how we are sometimes? We're so pissed about something that instead of dwelling on it, we just let it go and throw it out the window. Gee... I just hope he doesn't throw mine. Hehe...
But Stats isn't the only Math pissing me off, you see I also failed Finance last last Sem. Magulo pa nga un eh. Di ko pa alam kung isa-summer ko ba sha sa USTE this time or not. If I do take it this summer, well, fine I'll take it. If not, my next option is to cross-enroll. That is I will look for a different school where Finance is offered as a summer course. Pero parang ayoko na ngang i-consider ung option na un kase matrabaho pa. Anyways, I have a third option pa rin naman eh. That is to be an irregular student this coming Academic Year. I prefer that the most. Kase for me, papasok ka na rin lang talaga, ba't di mo pa sagad-sagaren? I mean, kung papasok ka ngayong summer tapos papasok ka rin starting June, e di it will turn out na non-stop estujante ka all year long! I mean duh! That sucks right? So what I'm saying is, sisimulan mo na rin lang maging estujante ng June, karirin mo na hanggang March. Besides, it won't even last for 10 months since isang sem mo lang kukunin ung bagsak mo! Daba? Para come the summer season, e 'di full-pledge summer bum ka naman! O! Daba? Hehe... La lang, share ko lang... :-D
Aion... ganon... hehe... So ano pa ba masasabe ko e nasabe ko na? Hahaha...
Well, I guess I'll cut it na here. Gotta go take a bath pa. Damn! I need to make a good first impression to those Bedans! Hehe...
So till here...
See ya...

10:32 AM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's our Finals week. Yesterday, I went to school without having reviewed for my exams. The tests were on Rizal and Bio. I spent the last weekend just literally lounging around and doing lots of nonsense stuff. I was in a personal mess that you guys would just find hard to understand if I dare put it in words. I was in hell. Now it's hell week, and strangely, I feel like I'm the one in heaven now. Haha... gulo noh?
Anyway, believe it or not, I had a breeze answering the exams yesterday (I know na marameng tataas ang kilay but hey, I'm for real). Well, there wasn't really much in the tests that had me sweating. I mean, 80% of the Rizal test simply demanded my stocked knowledge in Noli and El Fili (which, by the way, I studied by heart during High School) and the other part about Rizal's poems and stories was, in my opinion, simply needed careful analyzation and a bit of common sense for you to figure out what you're gonna write down in your paper. On the other hand, the Bio exam didn't really just need common sense but hey, I've been listening naman the past month to my prof. and so, things just went popping back into my head while I was going through the test paper. So there.
Um... I know a lot won't agree with me but, I don't think REVIEWING BIG-TIME is really demanded of a student when it comes to quizzes and final exams and stuff. I mean, read between the lines: It's a quiz or it's a test to see how much one has learned or accumulated in his head during all the million meetings in class held. Say one student wasn't really listening all along or wasn't even attending school at all, then comes the periodical exam. He reviews notes he copied from his classmates overnight and then he goes on to take the test and then WO-LA! He gets a perfect score. Compare to him another student who had been the goody-two-shoes all throughout the semester who takes the test and gets a perfect score as well. I mean, who's on the devil's side here and who's not? Wala lang. Me kase, I believe that for as long as you've kept yourself in tuned naman to everything that went by, it would just be redundant for you to go over them again in a particular night before an exam would be given. That's why if I would happen to be a professor someday, I won't announce my quizzes. Kaya nga it's also called a gauge for how someone has accumulated everything I taught e, di ba? If I'd announce it beforehand, then those who didn't really learn anything would just suddenly appear that THEY DID if ever they happen to get a good score.
So there... just my good messy opinion... :-)
Hayyyy... later we have exams naman for Philo and History. Yes, I did not review again and you know na why. However, I might stay on the devil's side tonight since Statistics ang test bukas. Hehe... Honestly, I didn't really learn anything in that "Stat-oh-fucking-tistics" subject excluding the tiny bits and pieces of terms that still ring in my head to this motherfucking day. I just hate it. I hate it BIG TIME! It's math. I hate everything about math! If I were to star in a movie with math, I'd be the villain chasing it down a dark alley and succesfully killing it in the end! Then I'd be giving out a mean laugh while shouting: "It's finally dead! Oh yeah! I killed it! HAHAHAHA!" I'm just really cautious about failing again that's why I'm gonna do a bit studying tonight. Oh, if I could only put this subject to sleep for eternity... Man, I SO WOULD.
Well, tomorrow after the last exam, I'm watching a movie with friends in Makati. It's not yet thoroughly planned, though. Hmmmm... sana matuloy. GOD I NEED A BREAK! AHHHH!
I can't wait for continuous days of not having to worry about school anymore (at least I will for a few days until Summer Classes begin... sigh...). Yah, I'm attending summer classes FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE starting this April. Believe it or not, I am a bit excited about it, though. I mean, it's my first time and you know, there is always something exciting about a first time... hehe... ;-)
Well, that's still too soon. Meanwhile, I gotta run coz' in two hours, our exams will begin and I'm still here at home! AHHH! My mom's gonna kill me! (Hehe...)
So there ya go. Catch ya next time pals!
Till here...

9:07 AM

Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm still here. I'm still alive- kicking and breathing. I've kicked some asses for the past 2 months and got mine kicked, too, by some. I've breathed life into a character on stage and alomost did to one but cut its life short before I even got on stage. Ahhhh... so much has happened. Now I have to tell ya'll about them. (Damn... this is what I get for being a lazy blogger! Hehe...)
First of all, I've had a busy two months that came and went that I didn't have the time to blog anymore. You see, when I have the chance to get in front of a PC, I follow a routine: YM, Friendster, Downelink (just recently :-)), my Mail and lastly this. So even before I get to blog, either I got to run again or I hear na my mom blabbing about how long I've stayed in front of the PC. So time passed, and it's only now actually that I realized that it's been 2 months na pala and that so much has happened already.
Where do I start? Hmmm...
I played a confused Faith Healer in Artistang Artlets' "Pasko sa Ilalim ng Balete" last January. Weird noh? "Pasko" tapos pinalabas nung Jan... hehe... Well, it was originally intended talaga for a pre-Christmas playdate. Pero due to some "problems", na-move sha nang na-move. Until we didn't have a choice anymore, but to stage it during the New Year season. The play being staged in a public park (Colayco Park) in UST was a gamble. First, what if it rains? Second, what if it's too hot? (When in fact almost all the characters wore body paint the play being about fantasy) Third, how are we supposed to shift scenes without a "blackout"? (It's obviously weird for the audience to see production peeps going about on stage) And lastly (and perhaps the most important one of all), where are we dressing up?! These were the questions that bugged us THE NIGHT BEFORE the first show. Why the NIGHT BEFORE? It's because the play was originally intended to be shown on a real venue for a real play. Ya' know, the one with four walls and air-conditioning? There. But due to some "problems" again, WE had to move. And so, AA found its self challenged. Did we do it? Were we able to pull off good shows?
NO. We didn't pull off good shows. We pulled off GREAT shows. And that's all because WE"RE GOOD, REALLY GOOD... hehe... ;-)
Quite hard to believe? Hah! Wait 'till you hear what I'll tell next. Our costumes (as in almost all of them) got stolen by some peeps during the morning of our second day there. You see, it was a public park but somehow, it was a secure place for us knowing it's within the school premises so our props custodian felt it was safe to leave the costumes there overnight. Turns out, Colayco Park wasn't. And that's a warning for ya'll: NEVER THINK IT"S SAFE TO LEAVE STUFF THERE. Whatever happened to those costumes and who really took them, we never found out. Why the hell should we care when we immeadiately got our talented hands to work as soon as we found out they were badly gone and that there's no way for us to really find them? Yep, AA reproduced them in no time a few hours before the first show on that day. They were done well and some looked even better than the ones stolen. Hah! I hope those stealers drown in the laundry machine when they wash those costumes! (Oh yah... I hear one gargling now... hehe...)
The play was received well. I was received well, too. You see, I played Mang Lando: an old fart dressed up in stinky robes adorned with bawangs and bottled herbs and stuff. (Man! Can you smell me from there?!) Yah he did kinda stink but my performance didn't... ;-D I take that from the audience themselves and so I'm damn proud of what I did. (Acting in a park under the scorching heat of the sun at 3pm?! Can you blame me?! Hehe...)
After "Pasko" came another production, "Balatkayo": a twinbill featuring "Ang Daigdig sa isang Handaan" and "Ang Dating Magkasintahan". Aside from being one of the props people, I got an acting part too: that of the lead male in "Ang Dating Magkasintahan". We started rehearsals late January just in time for the shows starting late Feb. Everything was going well until I HAD to quit AA after me and my mom got into our nth fight a couple of weeks before the playdates. It was all about my Acads. (-emics if you didn't get it) ...
My mom had been too forgiving na for too long and for so many times...
They say "When there's a will, there's a way". I know that. I have always kept that by heart. But I've had my will followed na for too long... I've had things my way for so many times... And so there comes a time in one's life when he has to stop and think: : What have I done for what others want for me? How much have I given to give them the credit they deserve? And so, I realized that my mom had been holding to her thread for too long already. It already came to the point where she had to let go and in order to catch her, I knew I had to let go of something as well: AA.
Quitting was hard and sad. But I had to do it, and so I did. As much as I wanted to finish my work on the play, I just couldn't. I'd be going around in a circle if I dare say why again. Well, you really can't have everything. When I was still in AA, I've had a bad relationship with my mom with all the late nights from school and all the late mornings for school, still. Man, I gotta tell ya. It wasn't lovely.
But now that I'm back to being an "ordinary student" again, we're GOOD. :-) Ahhhh... yah... WE"RE GOOD.
The downside of it, though, is that I miss AA. I miss the stage. I miss the great times. I miss the rehearsals. I miss THE PEOPLE, first and foremost. But they're still my friends, right guys? (Just place a comment below for your answer. :-)) I love you guys. Remember that.
And as for me, well, I'm okay. I'm still doing a play, though. But it's something my mom's okay with, since it actually is for my Acad. It's a class play which will serve as our final exam for Oral Communications. We're staging it on March 12- a Saturday at the Rizal Conference Hall in St. Raymund's Building in UST one-time only at 12pm. I'm gonna be acting but FYI: I'm also one of the Assistant Directors. :-) So please do watch it and let me know if you would. Ayt?
So there.
Meanwhile, I gotta run coz' I don't wna run late for my 7am class. 'Till next time guys. Ahhh... I'm glad to be back bloggin'. (Like as if I left! hehe...) Well, I know it seemed I did. There ya go! Ta ta! ;-D

5:02 AM

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I went to see the film "SIGAW" yesterday. I was with Mr. Lyle Gonzales (my SORT OF "special someone" right now) and Cyril ( my ABSOLUTELY "non-special someone" at least for the past few days). Actually, I just wanted it to be me and Kuya Lyle. His words and actions had been making me think a lot for the past few weeks. He told me things like "I need you" and had once "out-of-the-blue" asked me at 12:30 in the morning if I'm still awake. He had shown me he cares. He gave me food when he knew I couldn't get it. He gave me money when I did not have it. No I have not turned into a beggar yet my friends, so don't worry. It's just that... sometimes you just feel it when there's something about the way a person talks or looks at you. You know? With him, I get a sugar rush almost everytime that he's there. But still, the picture isn't clear...
So part of the agenda 'supposedly' yesterday was to finally TALK to him. But as it turned out, I didn't have him for myself...
WHY???? -is probably your question.
I texted him last week about the lakad. He replied "Yeah sure... sino-sino tayo?" I wanted to say: "Actually, gusto ko tayong dalawa lang." feeling that he would say: "Yah... I want it that way too" But I thought, "How sure are you, Mr. Gino Paolo Ramirez, that he thinks that way too?" Suddenly it dawned on me... I might be living in my fantasy world again. So I replied: "Um... kaw na bahala mag-aya ng iba" with a smiley at the end of it. Cyril is one of the few people who knows everything about the "Ginx and Lyle" story. He is an AA like me and what's better is that he's GAY like me. Haha... And another thing about him is that out of all the people we texted about the lakad, si Cyril lang ang pwede. I thought: "It's better na rin siguro na cia ung kasama namen. At least I have an arm to tug in case of 'kilig' or 'inis' moments and he would understand why."
Kuya Lyle looked so cute yesterday in his white shirt. Cyril, on the other hand, looked a lot like Boy Abunda with his shades. Haha...
At the ticket line, Kuya Lyle "out-of-the-blue" told us that last Christmas, he was with his ex who's also a he. They saw den a movie. Only now, he's not with him anymore. I thought: "That's because he's your past already. Now you're with me. I am your future." Well, in my dreams at least...
Another bullet in the list of "supposed-to-do's-if-we-make-it-na-kameng-dalawa-lang" was to play the girly drama of "I'm-scared-then-grab-his-shoulders-and-dug-my-head-into-it" which is why I chose a suspense-thriller film for our "supposed-date". Turns out, the movie wasn't that suspenseful and thrilling at all so I don't think I would've committed the drama anyway even if it was just us.
By the way, "SIGAW" has a few "bite-ur-nails" and "get-on-the-edge-of-ur-seat" moments than you would think it would once the movie starts. It's because everything but the "moments" are superb. The visuals and the sounds not to mention the yummy Richard Guttierez (did I spell his name right? well, whatever...) woould all get 5 out of 5 stars from me. I'd still recommend it. I'd just say it'd be better if you see it sa SM Megamall. You'll know why once u're seeing the movie na... ;-)
The lakad started and went without any of my questions answered. It's weird. When I was on my way home I thought: "There's nothing in this whole thing..." but when he texted me later when I got home, I got the rush again... damn...
In closing, I just wna let u know that i'm feeling pretty low today because SEX and the City- the show that I love more than any other show on earth - is OFFICIALLY ENDING na tonight. It's on at 10 pm. It's a 2-episode special on HBO. Hayyyy... I'm gonna miss those girls. Sa mga di nagregalo saken ngayong Pasko, pag-ipunan nyo na lang for me ang bawat season ng SATC on VCD. Hehehe...
So there... Raise your Cosmopolitans and keep those Manolo Blahniks steppin' coz' Sex and the City is forever... In my heart at least... Ciao! :-)

6:30 PM

Monday, December 20, 2004

FINALLY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After TEEEEEEEEEEEEN LOOOOOOOOng years of not blogging.... Here i am! Drumroll please! hehe...
I dunno where to start. Can u imagine?! Haha... So much has gone on in my life for the past month and for this current one. Well, I started rehearsing for AA's minor prod last month. It's entitled "Pasko sa Ilalim ng Balete" and it's showing on January 5, 6 and 7 at the Rizal Conference Hall sa AB. I play Lando. He's a 30 year-old mangkukulam who hates being called that so he prefers "faith healer" instead... haha... Laughin yet? Well, I promise there's a lot of funny moments in the play that you'll love. Hopefully I'm in one of them. Hmmmm... I joined a singing competition by the way. It's called "KABOG: the official songfest of the Faculty of Arts and Letters". Out of 81 contestants during the elimination, I got in the Magic 12. (Yipee!!!) We had avp's and stuff, including a free training at the Center for Pop Music Philippines in Chino Roces in QC. It really trodded along the "American Idol" style. hehe... But just like Jasmine Trias, I didn't bring the bacon home. I had eggs and ham instead. Hehe... Lame joke. :-p
For those concerned about my academics (are there any????), my mom learned na about my bagsak last sem and im currently confined at the ICU of St. Luke's Hospital fighting for my life after she threw me out of the balcony of our mansion. U can just sense how hard it is for me to even lift a finger to type these words right now... Good thing, for the nth time in this entry, Im just joking. MY MOMMY LOVES ME!!!! Hehehe... I think she got tired na of physically beating me up everytime she learns about my "kalabasas" in school. But I still had a piece of her "Book of Sermons", though. As of this writing, we're okay and I'm going home later expecting my clothes to still be in my closet and not out of my window. :-)
Christmas Vacation has started already and I've been havin a BLAST so far! Thanx to my gay high school friends. Nangaroling kame last Friday and we went home with over 300 bucks each in our pockets! (By the way, by gay I just meant Sam and Maue. Hi emman. :-)) We're doing it again this week so u guys better watch out coz the Buyangyang Clownz are coming to town! (and we mean Money, Money, Money!!!! hehehe.... Joke.)
This week den, I'm going out with a couple of college friends. This is officially my "Santa" week. I'm giving my gifts away this time of the season.
As you might have guessed, I'm just a computer shop junkie now coz our PC sa bahay is a bit sira due to unknown causes. (At least I... don't know them... hehe) And so now I gotta go. I have a mass to catch. It's simbang gabe season and I'm gonna sing my heart out with my choirmates and eat a mouthful of puto bumbong and bibingkas later. Catch ya'll soon. Mwah! Merry Christmas... Bloggers... ;-)

6:55 PM

Monday, November 01, 2004

I just got a new haircut (and a not-so-new hairstyle) last Saturday at Fix. I went there (in G4 by the way) with three girlfriends from AA. I like my new (????) look. And so did my friend, Sam, whom I was with in Malate that same night. There was a Street Party that time. It was a "Halloween Ball" to be exact. I didn't know about the event or I probably ignored it when a flyer was handed to me in that same place a few weeks ago so i didn't have a costume on or I did (Oh yah. I had "Ginx" on. You know him? Guess not). Alright you get it, I'm a Malate creature. A "beautiful" creature to be specific. Hehe...
Me and Sam soon met up with "his" friends. Yah, they were his batchmates (Sam is a batch higher than me) but I got along with them naman kse they were acquaintances of mine na rin naman before. And get this, Sam had friends that night who promised us they could get us into some bars FOR FREE!!!! hehehehe... And we did. Well, sometimes you need a friend with connections, eh? hehe...
A lot happened.
From G4 I went home muna kase to rinse off the excess hairs from mah body... then I met up with Sam (I was dressed to party which by the way was PINK... uh-huh) at around 12 midnight then we went off to this restaurant where his friends were. "This is this, this is that" and soon I was dancing with them there... INSIDE THE RESTAURANT. Haha... And take note, I only had a couple of sticks of Capri and two glasses of Weng-weng (a very intoxicating cocktail drink) pa lang that time yet I was already dancing where I shouldn't.
At 2am, me and Sam parted ways with his girlfriends and we hooked up with some gay friends who also happened to be there. We just paraded ourselves on the streets. They drank beer but I didn't (I don't like beer) but I did smoke a few sticks along the way. At 4am, we got ready to go into a bar named Biology. (I'm guessing the Bi in the word stands for Bisexual as the bar is flocked by this gay breed) And honey, this is for free. ;-)
The smell inside was awful. I thought someone spilled Cebo De Macho or White Flower all over the place. That's how I thought it smelled. On the dancefloor, a guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance. I thought "Well, why the hell not?" So I did. But just a couple of minutes later I was already walking out of the door. I didn't like him especially his groove... (haha)
Later I went back in. This time I was already dancing with Sam and Company. Dance, dance... Later we sat to just "feel" the crowd. Until Xena, one of Sam's friends, asked us to go upstairs with her in the Dark Room coz' she wanted to discover what's going on there. Ayt, me and Sam already knew so we sort of became her "lead-on's". TRIVIA for those of u who's like Xena: Most "dark rooms" in bars like Biology are surprisingly dark. (Erm... yah they are). And there are people there who are all "guys" but change the second letter of the word honey and that's what they are. So if you're a girl, u're just really in there to get squished around and passed by. But if you're "one of them" (as yours truly), then ure in for some treat. (hehe... Good thing blog doesn't have censorship). Well let me not divulge further into what kind of treat there is for u but lemme just say, if ure not a member of the "PDA Society" then that's where u go. Got it?
So, we were then already making our way up. Sa stairs pa lang u can already tell "HOW CROWDED" it is inside! Xena, for whatever reason, stepped back and said she didn't wna go. Sam went after her but brave old Ginx went on to explore. Hehe...
I got in. It-was-so- HUMID! I didn't like the place first hand. It didn't have airconditioning or so it did but air became impossible to pass through the elbow-to-elbow congestion there. In less than a minute, I was already making my way out. When just by the door, this cute (I could tell with the fraction of light shining on his face) looked at me and held my hand. He then asked my name, I asked him back. Who im' with, then back. Where i'm from, then back. Bla-bla-blah... Then these pieces of information I got after all the chit-chat: His name is Matt. He's 22. He lives in ParaƱaque but he works in Makati. He's cute. But too bad he's an inch smaller than me. But that's ok. Since I locked hands with him that moment by the door in the Dark Room, we never parted till 6am. And okay, for u "carnivorous people", it's not only our hands that got locked together. But I'm telling you, whatever were the others, they are from the hands up, not down. OKAY????!!!!
We exchanged numbers coz we had to leave na nga ng 6am. He hasn't texted or called since yesterday. I do want to hear something from him. But I'm not that excited, really. Either way, I'll be fine. Or I hope I will... :-)
I didn't go to Church yesterday. I'm trying not to but I'm afraid "The Da Vinci Code" might have had a religious effect on me already as it did so with my other friends. I don't know... It's a bit scary to perceive. Have u read that book? If u have, then I guess you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, well, whatever...
Today is great TV day. "Friends" is on at 7pm then "Sex and the City" by 10:30. My mom, by the way, just got new sheets for our couches. And speakin' of her, I'm afraid she might already know (or does she know already?) about my "Bagsak" which is Math. Damn... Damn... Damn... Damn... U see, I already told my Dad about it on the phone. (My dad's in Guam by the way) He called kanina. But I was about to go out then so I didn't hear the conversation. When I arrived back home, I was trying to prepare myself for the worst already. Coz' my dad might or might not have told my mom... Anyway, nothin "Bad" happened when I got home. My mom was cool and was goin' about her business. Shoossssh....
But what do you think? Do u think she already knows but decided she's not gonna be mad at me this time? Or my Dad forgot to tell her about it and I still have a month long of "brain-wrecking-teeth-chattering-my-mom's-gonna-kill-me" drama to go before UST mails my grades to our house? Man... I hope I can still have a "nice" Christmas.
Well, I guess this post is a bit of the "extraordinaire" for me after all. Considering Matt and the new haircut I just got. So, till here. Good thing I got my ass up for a new post again. Haha... So there. Mwah! Have a lovely week... and the same goes for me. ;-)

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Well, don't u think that having an online journal is enough already for me to tell you guys about mE?! (Forgive me for being grumpy... I'm just having my period...:-/)


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